INOXEVO: È nata la nostra nuova linea prodotti in acciaio inox »

INOXEVO the evolution of stainless steel

In order to meet  our customers’ frequent requests, we decided to expand our business into the stainless steel equipment sector by launching our new brand INOXEVO.

We offer a service at 360 degree to our clients from product design to production and installation.

In particular, we design bespoke products to meet our clients’ specific needs, analyzing the required process by means of fluid dynamics simulation software.

We collaborate with a network of selected partners which provide the highest standards in the manufacturing of stainless-steel products.

Finally, we carry out FAT activities and draw up SAT / IQ / OQ qualification documents.

Expirience, reliability and a highly qualified personnel are the core foundation of our value proposition.

If you would like to have more information, please contact us via email at